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The method of mounting  of the reed roof. We work according to the Dutch technology. We guarantee  10 year warranty. The reed on the roof is fastened at an angle at least 35°( recommended angle is 45°-60°) and the thickness-30-40cm. The height  of the sheaf is about 140-200cm. The circumference is 60 cm. The sheaves are attached by the wire directly to the lattice. They are pressed horizontally. The galvanized rods are 5mm thick. The sheaves go one by one in a row to the ridge of the roof.

The ridge of the roof ends with heather, ceramic tile or straw and the stainless net.

Over 12 sheaves of reed are needed to cover  1 square meter of reed roof.

                                                                       Drainage .

Gutters are not mounted on the reed roof. So it is recommended to extend the position of the roof as far as it is possible. For the water to extend beyond the house make sure to do gutters in the stone or cobblestone underneath the house.

 Recommendations about the reed roof .

It is recommended to impregnate the mounted reed on the roof  with non-flammable liquid  every 5-7 years. We use non-flammable  substance ACMA FIRESTOP SG2-H produced in Holland .

Due to the weight of the reed roof (approximately 40kg*1sq.m.) it is recommended to make a strong rafter  system, the same as under the tile. We recommend to install the lightening rods.

                                                                     Technical indications

Thermal conductivity coefficient -0.35 m2K

Tightness approximately -120-150kg/m3

Admissible wind load-25m/sec

Moisture absorption per24 hours-not more than 20%

Weight per  1 square meter-40kg