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It has good thermal insulation ( thermal conductivity coefficient is 0,35W for 1 square meter)

Microclimate effect. It is warm inside the house in winter and it is cool in summer.

Effective soundproofing .

High durability, up to 80 years.

The ability to create unique, fabulous visual effects.

It perfectly combines with the natural environment.

The reed roof is very dense.

The roofing is ecological. It is good for our health.

The roof ,covered with 35 cm thick reed, is  the natural thermal insulator and fulfills its purpose  better than any other  material. That is why the reed roof does not require any additional insulation. It is a kind of thermos  that keeps warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

For example :  30 cm thick reed roof corresponds to 10 cm of mineral wool laid under the tiled roof.

When comparing the prices of the  reed roof and the roof made from other materials it should be  taken into account that  the reed roof is waterproof. The rain permeates to the  depth  of only 2-3 cm, so there is no need in gutters and pipes.

The choice is obvious!

What is reed?

The reed –is tall stif perennial  grass plant growing together in groups near water(0,8-5 m high) with a long rhizome .It is a shade-tolerant plant. It blooms from July up till September. It is widespread  throughout  Ukraine. It is gathered in the area of its growing.  Industrial harvesting of reed is possible in the  deltas of  the Dnieper  and the Danube rivers. The stocks of the raw material are large.

This valuable plant is mainly used in the construction industry, as the material with high thermal insulation qualities. Nowadays it is known that reed contains 10,8% of minerals, mainly from silicone dioxide.  Not every reed is suitable for the roofing. It should be thin, only 5mm thick and the length should not be more than  2m. It ought to be 1 year old and it should not have any old haulms. That implies that the thickness of the bunch would be up to 60cm. The  optimal length of the sheaf is 1,5-2m.

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